From the Travelers to the Travelers—  

Myriadtrails, as you may have already noticed, is founded by ardent travelers (Founders of who had traveled the subcontinent for years and are helping traveler’s community in planning their vacations. We have researched destinations across the length & breadth of the country to cater to your specific interests like activities, themes, terrain, culture etc. We have personally spent significant time in all the destinations and did meticulous research before including those in any of programs/treks/activities offered by us. Unlike most of the web based tour organizers, we travel ourselves to all the destinations & not just sitting in a hole in the wall & selling insensitively.

Exploring the trails less traveled–
Most of the programs/treks/services offered by Myriadtrails are very different from usual touristy cacophonies. We are not intending to launch umpteen of programs focusing only on high trending destinations. We have handpicked lesser known places those enthralled us when we came across those and now we want discerned travelers to experience these hidden gems to the country. However In some programs, we may take you to some well-known destination but will follow the road less traveled by which will enrich you with unforgettable travel memories.

Planet Earth friendly Travel—

With the boom in the web based commerce worldwide, we find ourselves playing a key role in helping small businesses in this field survive the onslaught of corporate globalization. Moreover, being keenly aware of the negative impact that mass tourism brings to our local flora and fauna, we raise awareness among our partners regarding sustainability and ecological concerns.


Aside everything, you must sign up for our programs for FUN! – Come and see for yourselves! Not often you will come across group tours where strangers become friends in a day and stay in touch much after the tour ends. Come with us, we will be glad to share our own travel stories those may occupy you for long…and may instigate wanderlust in you…sometimes by the lake side…sometimes by the bone fire in bitterly cold Himalayan night… sometimes on the bank of serene river… Do we need to say more? How things turnout on the next tour may depend a lot on you!