Vijay Dubey  (Co-Founder: Thinking Particle & Myriad Trails)vijay_dubey
A liberal thinker,Vijay completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from NIT Allahabad and worked for 7 years in SAP/IBM before quitting his job to try new adventures in life.His passion for adventure drove him to start Thinking Particle and Myriad Trails. Wanderlust has taken him to many countries. USA, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal are to name few.

The quintessential gadget enthusiast, Vijay has a vast experience in managing various platforms and building web application services.


VishnuVishnu Kumar (Co-Founder: Thinking Particle & Myriad Trails)
Brought up in several cities, Vishnu has an incessant curiosity about life in different geographies which is the key motivation to his wanderlust. Among travel community, he is mostly known as an old fashioned versatile traveler who never has any itinerary in mind. An Avid trekker, Ordinary shutter monk, wild-life enthusiast, Green planet advocate, Vishnu does spend significant time with flyod, Dylan, BBC and still hoping to become an earnest reader one day.

Before landing on the labyrinth of roads, He earned an engineering degree from H.B.T.I, Kanpur and did technical consulting with IBM Software Labs for more than 5 years. Along with Vijay, Vishnu founded Thinking Particle in 2008 while doing meaningless meandering in Sahyadri range and Konkan’s coastline.


Parijat Tiwari (Advisory: Myriad Trails)Parijat Tiwari

A consultant by profession and a traveler by his heart, Parijat completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from HBTI Kanpur and his MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

When he is not making presentations and business models for his consulting clients, he likes to travel – To locations far and wide, famous and obscure, famous and forgotten. Parijat has played an instrumental role devising business model for Myriad Trails and chalking out a plan for expanding reach of Thinking Particle.